Help the people of Rhode Island by donating to PICA.

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

Be Creative!

  • Host a birthday/anniversary/whatever party and have guests donate to PICA instead of giving a gift.
  • Give a donation “In Honor of” someone special or “In Memory of” a loved one.
  • An acknowledgement of your gift will be sent to the recipient of the gift or to their family.
  • Organize your own fundraiser and give the proceeds to PICA!
  • Have a yard sale, or put out a collection can at work.
  • Offer a service and give the proceeds to PICA.

Anything Helps!


Pays for a birth certificate needed for housing, jobs, etc.


Pays for toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, soap, and razors for 50 people.


Pays for a 15 ride bus pass.


Pays for one week of food at they Olneyville Food Center or Community Meal Site.


Pays for a monthly bus pass.


Pays for one week of food at the Downtown pantry.